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Corrupted SLIME history file

After some troubles I have with my file system, my SLIME repl history was messed, everytime I start slime I got this error message:

"End of file during parsing" while loading the history continue (y or n)

I need to say yes in order to SLIME start, but my slime repls history is empty, and I don't like to lose that.

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Resume interrupted scp

Sometimes is necessary to transfer a lot of data between two computers, and I usually use scp, but when the data transfer is interrupted for any reason, we need a way to just resume the transfer from the point it was, not to having to start from zero again.

Here is a way to resume the data transfer using rsync over ssh. This may be useful to you too. :)

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La busqueda de mi reemplazo

Una ocasión, luego de terminar un empleo, por casualidad vi el anuncio con el cual buscaban a un reemplazo para la posición que deje...

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Make it work

"I am pleased that history recognizes the first to invent something, but I am more concerned with the first person to make it work."


"Me complace que la historia reconozca al primero que inventa algo, pero estoy mas interesada en la primer persona que lo hace funcionar"

--- Grace Hopper

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Licencias de Software BSD/MIT SIN CopyLeft.

Consideraciones para elegir que Licencia SIN Copyleft usar.

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